Get Creative This Winter

We are so excited to share what goes on at LFCC beyond our Sunday services. Our different ministries are hard at work making sure each and every environment makes a difference in the lives of the people we encounter at church.

As for me, being creative doesn't always come easy. One of the things I find helpful throughout the day is to sketch or doodle my thoughts (and I wish I did more of it). There is something about this process that allows you to either get an idea to come to the surface or let something you are hearing penetrate deeper into your mind.

I have collected several Bibles over the years, but one of my favorites is the one that has additional margins on the left and right pages to allow room for notes or drawing. No matter your skill level, I encourage you to try taking this on and experiment drawing and journaling in your Bible or alongside it.
When planning for a painting or sculpture I find that my initial sketches are sloppy and rough. It allows me to focus on what the purpose of the artwork is first rather than making it presentable right away. So if you start feeling you aren't content with your sketches right away, keep going and I believe things will begin to click.

This winter, pick up a journal, a sketchpad, or new Bible and let's connect with God for whole new vision this 2020.

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