Pastor Ed has begun his new series: “Rebuild your life, Moving from rubble to renewal” focused on the book of Nehemiah.

We are excited to partner with you in applying these teachings to the whole family by covering a few topics each week that you can talk about with your kids! Just as our small groups are walking through the series together and unpacking the message each week, we hope that you will do the same in your family. We will highlight a few things each week that we hope will spark conversation with your kids as you drive them to one of the many destinations you go as a family each week, around the dinner table in the evening, or even as you tuck them in at night.
Do you remember the awesome illustration Pastor Ed used in week one? This is a great way to talk to your kids about how important “what’s on the inside” is. Who are they looking to for advice as they are making choices? Family, friends, God, others? Discuss how important it is to be honest and to look to God for how we should live. Cover simple topics like being kind or helpful for younger kids and deeper topics like what to do when your friend is making bad choices with older kids (how does that look at home, at school, at church).

Nehemiah gives us some great “blueprints” for prayer. Pastor Ed spoke about some of the “steps” of prayer that we can all learn from.

Nehemiah did the following:
  • Praise God for all He is and all He’s done
  • Confession: name your sins (with kids this can be identified by talking about what God wants from us and how confession comes when we know we have not done what God wants)
  • Meditating on God’s Word: what do we know the Bible says about ______
  • Asking for strength, success, favor (this is where we ask for God’s help or blessing)

This one is hard for kids (and honestly it’s hard for us too)! What do we do in the wait, how do we not waste it? Nehemiah did several things we can learn from: He learned God’s Word, He asked God what to do, he thought about what he needed, he showed wisdom in his approach to the King, and he was ready to move when God said it was time. This applies to all of us….kids and adults! Have a discussion about a time your kids had to wait for something (a vacation, summer, or even an answer to prayer). How do they not “waste” the wait. How can they apply this to waiting for God’s answers or direction?

Please let us know your successes and struggles-we know God can strengthen our families through the Word! We pray you are encouraged as you seek God’s face together as a family.

This past week our Ministry Staff joined in on the fun and came together to learn more about "Rebuilding" from a child's perspective. From our church family to yours.

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