7 GREAT Reasons I Go All Out To Support VBS

7 GREAT Reasons I Go All Out To Support VBS

Some people have bad memories of their family’s summer activities.  These include beach days with boring aunts, uncles and no cousins, long trips in a hot car without A/C, (I am dating myself now), and rarely stopping for the all-important restroom.  Yikes, parents give us a break!

However, one summer event we always liked was going to Vacation Bible School.  No matter how late we got to bed, we were always up and ready for the day at VBS.

Here are the “7 GREAT Reasons I Go All Out To Support VBS”

  1. Kids love it.  From the moment they stand in the registration line and are greeted by registrars, there are smiles everywhere.  They know they are going to have a great time.
  2. Leaders love it.  There is nothing like being around little kids. They smile, laugh, do, and say sweet things. They even like you!  Even when they cry you think it is adorable and you want to just hug them.
  3. It’s a place of happiness.  Kids love to out shout the other team in rhyming round songs, show mom the craft they made, play a safe group game, and eat a special fruity snack.  VBS is just plain fun!
  4. Children love inviting friends.  No one keeps a good time to their self, and this is reflected at VBS.  Every day kids tell other children about their wonderful time at VBS and end up inviting so many to join them.
  5. We learn about our community. This is the one place where the diversity of an entire area comes together in safety and appreciation of one another.  Everyone gets along yet we get to discover how different we are from each other.  People of various nationalities, ethnicity, religious heritage, cultural and family values are revealed and welcomed.
  6. Families discover friendships and appreciate church. Busy schedules make it easy to neglect or stay away from church.  However, this week of special care for children bonds many parents together for lasting friendships and reveals how refreshing church relationships can be.
  7. We get to share the Gospel.  VBS starts and ends with the Gospel.  Faith, hope, and love.  It always focuses on Jesus.  It is all found in the person of Christ and kids get it!  VBS is the launchpad for kids to know and grow in Christ.

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